James Lawrence Murray was born June 4, 1867 in Wakeman, Ohio. He was a son of James Murray (who came from Ireland during the potato famine to work on the railroad) and Catherine Guthrie, who was also born in Ireland. James met his future bride, Catherine McMahon, while building the railroad through northern Ohio near Wakeman. Catherine, 16 years younger than James, used to carry water from her farmhouse to the workers on the railroad tracks and that is how they met. They went on to have nine children. James died on April 1, 1958 and Catherine, who had been ill and bed-ridden for several years, died shortly thereafter, on April 26, 1958. This is their wedding photo; they married on October 24, 1905. The maid of honor was Catherine's sister, Margaret (McMahon) Everett and the best man was James' brother Mathias. - Carole Murray (irishmurr) Photography